Maths Activities

Term 4 Weeks 7 & 8:


Mass 2

Mass 3

Crossing the river

Term 4 Weeks 5 & 6:

Order of operations

Factor Trees

Factors and Multiples

Pick a Path



Measurement conversions                        Volume of prisms                          Capacity and Volume

problem solving   (set out working in your books to show your strategies)

easier problem solving                              volume and money

Term 4 Wk 3&4:   TIME

Time activities folder

TV Schedule activity:

  1. List 10 programs that have a different duration (elapsed time) - include the elapsed time
  2. Construct a Table showing the number of programs of varying duration (e.g. 60 minutes, between 20 and 45 minutes, over 90 minutes). Choose 5-7 different durations.
  3. Construct a column/bar Graph to show the information on your Table.
  4. Some questions to think about and write your responses under the Graph:
  • What is the most common duration? Why might that be?
  • What is the least common? Why might that be?
  • Is there a pattern to start and finish times? Can you explain this?
  • Compare certain types of programs and their durations. (e.g. Comedy;Drama, Cartoons;Movies . . . .)

Term 4 Wk 1 & 2:   Whole number

Powers and place value:

Powers of 10:   Observe and consider - discuss

Roman numerals:

Convert 1


Term 3 Weeks 9&10:

Use your Atlas plus other research techiques to answer each of these questions.
Record your responses neatly in your Maths Books.

Position/Mapping Cards

Term 3 Weeks 7&8 :

fraction matching _ 

Word Problems

Word Problems 2

Father's Day Craft

Term 3 Weeks 5 &6 :   Problem solving

Easier word Problems:

Harder word problems:

Factors and multiples:  (harder)   (not on ipad)


For these activities, work with a partner and record your answers in your workbooks. Mark and show corrections.

If working out is needed, show it in your book.

Estimating Mass:

Reading scales:

Choosing appropriate units:

Converting g and kg:

Converting Mass:

Calculations with mass:

Mass problem solving:

Term 2

Scheduling activity:

Stage 3 T.V.

You have been employed to create a 5 day TV schedule for a new channel, STAGE3TV. This channel does not have advertisements. There are certain restrictions that you have to meet when planning their Saturday evening schedule.

You have to plan the TV programs from 6pm to 12 midnight (for 5 days).  The restrictions are listed below:

  • 20% Sport
  • 25% Film
  • 5% News and weather
  • 5% Music
  • 30% Reality TV
  • 15% Drama

You can create the names of the programs yourself but here are some examples to help you:

Drama – Doctor What? Winter Bay, Camden Abbey
Reality TV – ABC Factor, Prancing with the stars, MACC’s Got Talent
Movies – Penguins of Minto, Hairy Potter, The Incredible Bulk
Sport – Chess, Sports Update, Cricket, Poison HANDBALL


Create a new 5 day TV schedule for STAGE3TV – noting down start and finish times in both the 12 and 24 hour clock. Remember that you can include more than one program if you wish – for example 30% of Reality TV can be made up of 2 programmes totalling 15%. 

Writing large numbers -

Easier place value - 

Reading large numbers -

Rounding Decimals -

Reading graphs



Term 1

Chance and Data (from easier to harder)




easy – harder



Pac Man: (easy)

Shooting Fractions:  (multi-level)

Soccer Shoot-out: (choose your level)

Fractions Workshop: (choose level)

Board Game: (harder) 



Draw these accurately in your book and calculate the area. What is the total area in square centimeters and also square millimeters.

Extension: draw shapes for your partner which require at least 3 separate area calculations that are then combined to find the total area.

Multiplication and Division

Work some divisions on the whiteboard: (problem solving)

Tables quiz

Year 5 IXL link                   Year 6 IXL llink                         Cone Crazy 

The Timernator                  Tables Racer (not ipad)           Hit the button

Easier word Problems:

Harder word problems:

Chapel Survey

Addition & Subtraction  /  3D Space

Problem Solving - show the process in your book

Pyramid addition - Show working in your book

Place Value:



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