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Listening is one of the five senses that we use every day of our lives, that is an important part of communication. We often need to develop our listening skills so that we are tuning into what is being discussed so that we have a good understanding of what is going on around us. It is also a vital key to learning new concepts. Often we need to listen to the new information carefully.

Listening to reading is a part of our Daily 5 literacy each day. The purpose of Listening to reading is to become better readers. Listening to an expert reader model good reading, helps us to improve our reading. We are listening to the fluency, accuracy and vocabulary that are used when the book or story is read to us. It can also be a relaxing way of enjoying a book.

Activity 1: Listen to Reading Websites 

The first activity involves listening to someone reading a book. Choose one of the websites below to go to. As you are reading, listen for the following:
  • What is their fluency like?
  • How accurate is the reader? 
  • What were some interesting words that you heard? Be sure to jot them down in your word Collector
  • Compare this to your reading. What do you think the reader did while reading, that could help you to be a more fluent and accurate reader? An example might be how they expressed different characters while reading the story. 

Please click on the picture to go to the website of your choice.

When you have listened to a story, write a comment on this post about what you enjoyed about the book. Then Answer the following questions: 
  • How fluent was the reader? What do you think they needed to do to be fluent?
  • How accurate was the reader? How could you become a more accurate reader? 
  • What did you enjoy the most about this book? 

Activity 2: Making a Podcast


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