Homework does not need to be a burden or chore. Our aim to develop a positive attitude to continuing education outside of school hours. Remember, Homework shouldn't be a drama but rather a habit.

MACC Homework Policy Guideline:

Stage 2 25-30 minutes per weeknight (including 15 minutes reading time)

Stage 3 30-40 minutes per weeknight (including 20 minutes reading time)

So normal homework each week is:

1:      Reading - Each night (if possible). Keep a record in the reading log.

2:      Complete Maths activities (usually online.) Show parents what you are doing.

3:      Get parents to sign diary weekly. This indicates that parents have seen that Reading and Maths activities have been done.

4:      Bring diary to school everyday for monitoring.


Just a reminder about homework expectations:

1. Students should read regularly at home (15-20min. per day) and record their reading in the reading log.  Parents can talk and ask questions about what their child has been reading.

2. Complete some Maths revision/consolidation activity (Mathletics / Studyladder) (10-20min per day). 

3. Students should give parents their diary to sign and let you know what they have been doing.

4. Parents are asked to sign their child's homework book to let me know that homework has been done during the week and you are aware that it has been done.

If additional activities are required:
  • any website or game that helps consolidate times tables skills. Mastery of tables is a vital foundation for work from here on.
  • any other activity to consolidate skills

If your child is having difficulties at all with homework, please put a note in the diary and get them to show their teacher.

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