Thursday, 2 February 2017


Welcome to a new year at MACC. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with 5S, seeing new goals set, new goals achieved and both individuals and the class becoming better than before.

A new year, new room, new students . . . a new beginning.

Also new this year is the other class in our shared space is 6T being taught by Mrs Todd. An additional Yr5 class with Mr Brownlee completes Stage 3 at MACC in 2017. We look forward to an exciting year ahead. I hope our students enjoy the program, the challenges and the opportunities to develop relationships.

Mr Sales


  1. Hi 5S and Mr Sales,
    We came by to check out your blog. It looks really cool. We love the beach picture at the top of your blog. Well done to your class award winners. Great job! We read your quote about how every day is a chance to be better than the day before and we really like it. What wise words! We hope you've had a great week. What are you learning about at the moment?
    From 2G and Mrs Gorrie :)

  2. Dear 5S,

    Great job on getting those awards you guys are so awesome.

    If you didn't get an award comment on what your gonna do to get one.

    From Stuart

  3. Dear 5S.
    This going to be a great year judging from enthusiasm coming from you.
    i want to do tennis this year what do you guys want to do?

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