Thursday, 9 February 2017

Award winners

Some of our assembly award winners this term


  1. Dear 5S,

    Congratulations on a great start to the year. I've been very impressed with your attitude to school this year.

    Do you have a favourite activity that you have participated in this year so far?

    From Mrs Pope

  2. To 5S,

    A big congratulations to the award winners! Especially to the two new kids who got an award on their first week at MACC.

    What did you get your award for? What are your goals to achieve an award next time?

    From Sienna

  3. Dear 5S and 6T

    Congratulations to all our award winners this week so far this has been a awesome, i have had so much fun at school over the years.

    What has been your most favourite memory you have had at school?

    From Joshua.G

  4. Dear 5S,
    Congratulations to the award winners on the first week of school at church.
    What were your awards for?
    From Charlotte

  5. To 5s

    Congratulations to the award winners. You must have worked very hard to get it and you achieved your goal! Have a lovely weekend and feel proud.

  6. To award winners

    Congratulations on your award on Friday you definitely deserved it and keep working hard to get another one.

    what did you enjoy the most about receiving you award?

    from Brianna

  7. Dear 5S and Mr Sales,

    Congratulations Luke, Harrison, Charlize, Lorena and Lesley for getting awards this week. Better luck next time, everyone else!
    How could you improve?
    From Nathanael.

  8. Hi 5S and Mr Sales,
    I agree with Mrs Pope, I'm impressed with the attitude that they have this year, and congratulations to the award winners: Luke, Harrison, Charlize, Lesley and Lorena.

    Do you guys have a subject that you think you've improved in more then the rest?

    From Joshua S (6T)

  9. Dear 5S congratulations

  10. Dear 5S,

    Congratulations to all award winners this term. Hopefully everyone gets a award this term!

    From Joshua

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